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The Q1 2015 Mobile Web Traffic Report
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The Q1 2015 Mobile Web Traffic Report

One of the great things about goMobi is its ability to be device aware, to adapt to users’ devices no matter what the screen size. goMobi uses embedded technology from our sister product DeviceAtlas to achieve this.

A number of publications have issued their take on the latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Traffic report. These include ITProPortal and Website Magazine. The Mobile Web Traffic report shows statistics regarding the different mobile devices that people are using to browse the web around the world.

This data offers important insights into the range of devices that are actually being used in the real world to access the web. Mobile web traffic is distinct from sales shipment data which can be distorted by long sales cycles for devices.The analysis is based on anonymous,  aggregated data from the goMobi hosting platform from user devices in over 100 countries around the world.

Screen Size

goMobi is optimized to work across all screens. goMobi sites don’t just look good on mobile, they look great on desktop and larger screen portable devices like tablets and laptops too. The DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Traffic report has some fascinating statistics on screen size usage across the world. Here are some neat examples:


Note that proportionately, Australia has the most large screen devices as a percentage of users (5.6+ inch screens), compared to say India which has relatively few.



We can also tell which internet browsers are most popular, based on actual, up-to-date usage information and not just on number of devices sold. This helps goMobi stay current regarding the latest browser technology. We know which browsers are being used, by whom and where.


How Does Mobile Web Traffic Affect goMobi?

Deeply integrated into the goMobi platform is DeviceAtlas’ device detection technology that helps adapt sites to any device. Using knowledge of screen resolution, operating system and other device capabilities, goMobi can adapt content to ensure a perfect user experience, no matter what device a visitor is using. This gives goMobi a unique edge in providing mobile websites that work across all devices, large or small.

Should you like to read it for yourself, you can find the DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Traffic report here.


De wereld leider op het gebied van device detection.

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